Intro about company

MyBlueBricks is building a community of likeminded peers leveraging the power of many and learning together along the way. We facilitate various types of real estate projects as well as real estate management & consulting services. We are excited about the future because we know we can shape it together with you.

My Blue Bricks stands for secure investments into something tangible, physical: A brick. A brick cannot be moved easily, and does not evaporate just like that. A brick is there to stay, and so are we.

What we do and how we do it

We find unique real estate projects and crowdfund them together with the community. Validated and analysed by experienced professionals, our projects are screened and planned for success and profitability. Investors then participate in a project and invest together with our community and us since we always invest in projects ourselves as well. All investors are equal and we proceed with full transparency.

Next to our focus on buying, renovating and re-selling real estate projects in attractive markets to provide short- to mid-term return projects, we try to help people become better investors and create a knowledge community so that each individual can achieve personal investment or learning goals related to real estate through the community. Property management, consulting services and various partnerships are part of our activities sand services as well. We’re always open to collaborate and brainstorm about how we might help each other or do projects together.

We are Crowdfunding Real Estate Projects

My Blue Bricks is crowdfunding real estate projects through its community of investors. The power of the community is enabling us to leverage the benefits of real estate. We buy, renovate and sell real estate projects in Barcelona and Valencia. Together, we learn and grow following the philosophy of engineering our lifestyles. Besides short-term high return renovation projects, we find buy & hold projects and offer property management and consulting services for people to get the right expertise and information at the beginning of the real estate journey.


4-6 months




avg. 15%

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Meet Our Team

Together we make real estate projects happen for you and together with you in Spain.

Erwin Groenendijk


Responsible for managing relationships for My Blue Bricks. His story is the living example of the fact that everything in Real Estate is possible with not more than a euro and a clear dream.

Adrià Creixell

Project Management

Takes care of finding and managing the projects from start to end with our partner network and extensive knowledge of the local market.

Christoph Rosenthal

Design Thinking

The creative force behind My Blue Bricks and building the business, managing operational, legal and financial aspects of our projects as well as relations with partners and investors.

Together, We Dream Blue Bricks

Their shared passion for real estate is what brought Adrià Creixell, Erwin Groenendijk and Christoph Rosenthal together. Adrià is 30 years old and originally from Sant Cugat del Valles in Spain, a town just outside of Barcelona. His background is in hospitality, as he studied Hospitality Management at the UAB (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona). Adrià has four years of experience in Real Estate in Barcelona and most recently Valencia, buying, renovating, selling, and renting out apartments.

Erwin is 27 years old and originally from Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands, a smaller city nearby Leiden in the center of the country. His background is in marketing and sales, as he studied Marketing at the VU university in Amsterdam. Christoph is 28 years old and originally from Germany. He has a background in communications and psychology, has lived and studied in The Netherlands, Argentina, the UK and the US and has been living in Spain for two and a half years.

Our paths crossed via Biggerpockets, a US online platform for Real Estate Investing. This platform helps, teaches, and supports Real Estate investors, whether you are a beginner or a professional. It is a good way to come in contact with other investors just like we did and therefore we would like to recommend Biggerpockets to everyone who would like to know more about Real Estate. The book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ inspired us tremendously in our way of thinking about Real Estate and, to the matter of fact, creating opportunities just like our journey that you can become part of as well. We are excited to start collaborating in projects together!