Acacies: Organized Chaos

‘How will this ever work out?!’ is what I was thinking standing in the middle of this organised chaos of our Acacies project in Valencia.

Alongside with me on this trip a dear friend who is making the photo, Adnan. He is capturing the moment where two architects, our contractor, a possible project manager for our projects in Valencia, and of course myself are discussing how we are going to finalise the Acacies apartment with the limited amount of floor space in each of the two newly created studios that is available. A side note: when this photo was taken, it was 1 o’clock in the unbearable Valencian summer heat. The funny thing is, though, that in the midst of this intense Spanish interaction with all kind of people having an opinion, normally my Spanish language capabilities are decent to have a normal conversation, but far lacking to have a technical one with five experienced, loudly talking individuals.

Giving you a insight of the moving parts during a real estate project: licenses, the length of the work, modifying the building plans, ventilations, placing windows, connecting the dish water with water drainage, plus probably forgetting a thousand of other topics.

But, you know what? In those moments, where the only option is to fix the situation, you become extremely resourceful with what you can do and what you are capable of. Being willing to take faith in your own hands means that you are constantly problem solving, dealing with those unforeseen situations where there is not yet a structure in place to solve it and the only possible outcome is creating a solution.

This, in the end, will bring the upside of achieving towards our future that others will not experience never taking a shot. Financial freedom is our mission, and the only way of achieving this is moving forward……!

Author: Erwin Groenendijk, co-founder My Blue Bricks.

Photo: Adnan Rahman

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