Adnan Rahman – Investor

I value the trust of the people who are involved, personal access & contact to the Blue Bricks team and detailed buyers reports.

Adnan Rahman

What do you like working together with Blue Bricks for a project?

I like the trust of the Blue Bricks team members who are involved and that I have personal access and contact to them. The detailed buyers report was nice.

Which points can we improve?

More frequent financial updates and a risk analysis would be useful. I also would like a bit more insight into the costs that Blue Bricks charges for each project.

Answer by Blue Bricks about commission that we charge:

For most projects, we take a 10% share of the project’s profit as a commission to cover Blue Bricks’ company costs. These include travel costs to go to Valencia and find new project deals, accounting and our website. We also use the money to fund programmes like the promoters commission, which is earned by people who spread the word and bring new investors to Blue Bricks by referral.


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