bluebricks journey

Evolution of My Blue Bricks

Over a year ago we officially started the company after already being busy realizing projects on our own. After hearing the excitement from our environment about what we were doing, we decided to create group real estate projects. Fast forward, we are now extending our community by the week, taking on new projects, working on [...]

Investing for Financial Independence: Homestaging your Real Estate Property

My Blue Bricks Events. Collaborating with the interior design shop BANQA in Barcelona. The topic: Investing for Financial Independence - Homestaging your Real Estate property 🏡🌇. Selling quicker and for a higher price sound interesting to you? With My Blue Bricks, we have been experiencing the impact of Homestaging in selling our real estate projects first hand. The [...]

Acacies: Organized Chaos

'How will this ever work out?!' is what I was thinking standing in the middle of this organised chaos of our Acacies project in Valencia. Alongside with me on this trip a dear friend who is making the photo, Adnan. He is capturing the moment where two architects, our contractor, a possible project manager for [...]

MyBluebricks celebrating 1st deal!

Meet My Blue Bricks: the community that believes in creating financial independency through real estate. - Community of over 100 individuals 👥 - Representing Spain, Germany, Holland, Israel, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Greece, France, Romania, Algeria 🇪🇸🇩🇪🇳🇱 - Project range between 4-6 months with a ROI up to 15%+ ⚖️ - 5 active Real Estate crowdfunding [...]
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