A book has the potential to explain a thousand words in just a single phrase

The pandemic gave us the opportunity to put our thoughts on paper and to do what we like to do the most: guiding and inspiring others.

Book: 'Investing in the Spanish sun'

A compact, easy to digest book that brings together all our knowledge and real-life experiences in a motivating way.

One of the founders, Erwin, is explaining the start of My Blue Bricks up until where they are today. Personal background and motivation are the two important pillars next to real estate investing where the company earned their stripes. We decided to share the introduction below as it will provide you the inspiration that anyone, if determined, can succeed in real estate.

I GREW UP in a small city of around 100.000 people called Alphen aan den Rijn, in the centre of the Netherlands in between the bigger cities as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and the Hague. In an at times loving family, we were always just getting by. There was always food on the table, however, money felt as a tense topic. I remember my mom repeatedly saying, ‘Just go and work hard so that we can get by the end of the month,´ as my father lost his job more times than planned for.

Normally with a big mouth, I was managing to cover up of what was inside. I was nothing special, usually a slow starter (which I still am), however determined. Once grabbing on to something, letting lose is not an option. In school all the way to graduating for my master in Marketing, and in sports working my way up to be playing professional football between the age of 15 until 18.

At 18, hearing that I was not good enough and had to leave professional football, it was the first time I had to deal with a big setback. I had to grow up. In hindsight, this was the best thing that could happen, because through travelling and eventually emigrating to Spain for work, I could now make a fresh start with new people in a new environment. Accepting what had happened, and moving on. 

From first landing on a pink cloud of working for a big multinational company, this quickly changed to a not fulfilling experience. Instead of getting stuck in this rat race work struggle, together with coincidentally reading real estate books, I did my first real estate investment together with Adria.

Everything changed. I started telling my friends, colleagues, and family about the experience of investing. And before we knew, we had a group of other people willing to invest with us too. After doing our first group investments where Christoph chipped in, the three of us created My Blue Bricks and continued our current journey. 

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Book review

In this video, Hamish is sharing his thoughts after reading the ‘Investing in the Spanish sun’ book. 

'The book is very motivating and full of tips that you most likely haven't thought of before. Going through the book you notice that the writers have lived through what they are saying. The real life case studies are good examples of that.'


A minor investment with huge potential

A lot of books tend to be long and boring. Having this in mind, a lot of effort has been going into the design structure of the book. That has led to chapters that are easy to digest with the right length so that either with a busy working schedule or more free time, the content will stick and make an impact.


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