Catalunya Real Estate Market Prices 2017

We have compiled all this data from 2013 until 2017, to show you the evolution of the main catalan cities .

Having a look at the data on both tables, we could arrive at the conclusion that the market in Catalunya, was slightly expensive during 2017. Especially, in places like Sant Cugat.

As the aim of these information is to find a place with the followig attributes:

  • Strong demand for rentals (Population/ rental contracts).
  • Rising demographics (Population).
  • Good value for money (Price/rent)

We have created a ranking based on the attributes above:

Good demographics but due to expensive prices, the rental demand is moving to the outskirts and surrounding cities (Barcelona and Girona).
Good values, good demographics and intense demand. The cities are varied but our featured ones are: Terrassa and Sabadell.
But expensive (Sant Cugat).
At a medium distance from Barcelona (Tarragona and Mataro).
But bad demographics (Lleida, Reus and Manresa).

According to the data and our know-how of the market, probably the best place to buy to rent in Catalunya is in Vallés Occidental area (

This area is one of the most important industrials parts of Catalunya and you will find all kind of markets: from the premium town of Sant Cugat, to the big cities of Sabadell and Terrassa or smaller towns like Rubí or Cerdanyola.

You could apply different kind of strategies depending on your target. Especially a good place for rentals is Terrassa centre. For premium flips: Sant Cugat. And for cheaper flips you have Rubí.


5 20 Very Undervalued
6,7 15 Very Undervalued
8,3 12 Undervalued
10 10 Undervalued
12,5 8 Borderline Undervalued
14,2 7 Fairly Priced
16,7 6 Fairly Priced
20 5 Borderline Overvalued
25 4 Overvalued
33,3 3 Overvalued
40 2,5 Very Overvalued
50 2 Very Overvalued
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