Regular events to come together with our real estate community

Finding a new business partner during the network sessions, investing in somebody’s else real estate project, buying an off-market real estate property, and the list goes on.

All above examples did actually happen to our participants. Will you be our next example? 

The power of surrounding yourself with motivating people

You couldn’t imagine what you are capable of if you find yourself amongst a group of like-minded individuals that are working hard towards financial freedom in their own way.

Being able to see a project from up close, holding the renovation materials in your own hands, discussing the investment numbers, and starting to understand that you don’t need all the money yourself – that is a situation where magic is happening. 

The below list is an overview of the events we are organizing:

Join our free Meetup group

Every month discussing a different real estate topic without going into depth. The Meetup group is the perfect way to get involved with our real estate community with no fee required.  

Attending an event makes you one of us

The events provide a unique possibility to be connecting with top real estate people in an informal way. The created ambience is naturally creating a click between the attendees.

Sharing everything transparantly

Whether on a construction site, our office space, or a partner’s furniture shop, we are brainstorming transparently about real estate strategies. No need of showing something fancy when the real work is being done with your both feet on the ground.

Comments, ideas, or suggestions?​

Tell us a bit more about yourself, and one of the team members will contact you.

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