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Projects that are being funded

GroundFloor, Topete, Terrassa

After financing the second floor of the same building, we offer our next operation: the Ground Floor.

Projects in which we are working

Topete, Terrassa

Our last gem in Terrassa, Spain. Just in the city centre surrounded by parks.

Mallorquins, Valencia

Classical building in the most desired area of Valencia.



We understand where you are coming from since we are in the same situation as you are and pursue the same objectives.


If you do what everyone else does, chances are you won’t get extraordinary results. Creative approaches and trust go a long way and are at the heart of the Blue Bricks approach.


If you know every brick of an area in a city like Barcelona or Valencia, it’s easy to figure out the quality of an investment.


Imagine a situation in which you are competing against 100 other potential investors for a lucrative apartment. What are the odds that you will get a chance at it in a heated market like that?

MEET OUR TEAM Together we make real estate projects happen for you and together with you in Spain.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bluebricks

General Questions

Why Bluebricks?

Bluebricks is an investors club that focus on small real estate operations in the main urban city centres of Spain, our focus is in Valencia and Barcelona. The main reasons to invest with us, are:

  • Short operations, strong ROI (15% average)
  • Focus on transparency and face to face investor relations
  • We speak your language (English, Spanish, Italian, French,..)
  • Creative and innovative solutions
  • Local market knowledge

Why Spain?

You could find more information on this article, but summarising, the reasons are:

  • Housing affordability compare to income
  • Attractive to the international investor
  • Spaniards prefer to own their homes and keep investing in real state as their main savings asset
  • Low mortgage interests

Bluebricks focuses on Spain, but in the medium term, we plan to expand in other countries, especially to diversify our investments.

Do I need to have any prior experience in Real Estate?

No, not at all. One of the core principles of the My Blue Bricks community is learning and growing together.

So whether you are new to investing or already have some experience, My Blue Bricks is the right place to gain and share knowledge, grow and learn together.

With the right mindset, everybody has something to contribute and together we can achieve much more than each of us individually.

Is there a minimum amount to be part of the investment?

We want to be as open and inclusive as possible so there is no hard minimum to participate in an investment.

The nature of investing, however, is that you get a percentage return of your investment back as profit, so the higher your initial investment, the higher the absolute return.

What kind of investments does Bluebricks promote?

Bluebricks invests in urban small to medium size flats situated in centric neighbourhoods with purchase price of 70.000 to 90.000 euros.

After the purchase, the apartments are renovated and sold for a profit.

What is the investment strategy?

Bluebricks buys specific and centrally selected individual floors throughout Spain to completely reform them in a short period of time, adding value by updating their distribution, recovering the original elements and using sustainable finishes that promote health and comfort.

This comprehensive but fast (flash) reform of just 2 months of work, allows to quickly rotate investments and recover liquidity every 6-8 months without getting caught up in projects that are too long to reach the market in an economic context different from that of the start of the investment, as can happen with the new work.

The advantages of flash promotion in downtown apartments are:

  • Maximize profitability by rapidly rotating assets.
  • Generate recurring liquidity in short terms at the end of each project (housing).
  • Have a greater capacity to react in investments in hostile environments.
  • Reduce the influence of the national economy by selling to local and international buyers.
  • Increase the resistance to market cycles by the location with little risk of the farms.
  • To have a better real guarantee because the house already exists (it is not a future one), still pending reform.
  • Lower risk because, in case of need, it is possible to sell or rent the property even without reform.
  • Reduce both labor risks and work execution to be smaller and be limited to the interior of the house.

What other services does Bluebricks offer?

  • Market research services
  • Fix&Flip investments consultancy and mentorship
  • Rental properties investments in Spain
  • Other Real Estate Investments (Off market deals,..)
  • Knowledge and content

Taxes & Red Tape

Do I need any document or ID to invest in Spain if I'm non resident?

Yes, to buy, invest or create a company in Spain you need a tax identification, called CIF (many people think you need the NIE, but for non-residents, you need the CIF). This document is necessary for the Spanish authorities to identify you in Spain for tax purposes.

It is very easy to get, in any Spanish embassy, it will only take 5 minutes of paperwork. However, it is very important to book an appointment through the website of the Spanish embassy. The process is really simple, and it is written in English.

How are the interests taxed in the event that the investor is a natural or legal person RESIDENT IN SPAIN?

We advise you to check with your tax advisor, this information should be taken solely for informational purposes, but in general terms:

  1. If you are an individual, interests received are taxed as income from capital on the following scale:
    • Up to € 6,000 at 19%.
    • From € 6,000 to € 50,000 at 21%.
    • From € 50,000 up to 23%.
  2. If you are a legal entity, the interest received is included in the tax base of the Corporation Tax, taxed at the corresponding tax rate.

Interest is subject to a withholding of 19%. This means that Bluebricks will keep 19% of your profit, which must be paid on your behalf to the Spanish treasury. This means that for individual investors, taxes on profits up to 6000 euros, will be paid by Bluebricks. Above this amount, the investor will have to pay directly to the spanish treasury (RENTA).

Case 1: If the profit obtained is 6000 euros or less (after Bluebricks fees), Bluebricks pays for you. You just have to tell the bookeeper (GESTOR ) to notify that on next year RENTA.

Case 2: If the profit obtained is 10000 euros (after Bluebricks fees), Bluebricks pays for you up to 19% of the first 6000 euros. The rest of the remaining 4000 euros will be taxed at 21%. That means, that you will need to pay 810 euros to the RENTA of next year, and it’s your responsability to do so.

How are the interests taxed in the event that the investor is a natural or legal person RESIDENT OUTSIDE SPAIN.

This information should be taken solely for informational purposes, but in general terms:

Interest paid to non-resident investors will be taxed at a rate of 19% in Spain. The investor can deduct in his declaration, the amount that, according to the regulation of his country of fiscal residence, corresponds to the taxable income that appear as income obtained and taxed abroad.

Other taxes

You could find about rental property taxes in Spain in this article

Investors Club Projects

How can I invest in Bluebricks opportunities?

  1. Select your project in our Projects menu.
  2. On every project you will find a button that says: “JOIN THE PROJECT”, press it.
  3. You need to fill the form with all the details requested (personal details, amount that you want to invest,..).
  4. After sending the form, the contract is generated automatically and will reach you in few hours.
  5. Review the contract, sign it and send it to us.
  6. Transfer the funds to the provided account

What to expect after that?

We will invest your capital in the selected project, and try to deliver the expected ROI on the expected time. During the time that the project is ON, we will keep you updated through e-mails, you could visit the property if you contact us. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How long does a project take?

For most projects, the expected time to transform, rehab and renovate the apartment is 4 -6 months and we estimate 2 months to sell the apartment.

For most projects, you can expected +/- 8 months before you get your money + return on investment back or can reinvest in the next project.

How much of the project profit stays with My Blue Bricks?

For most projects, we take a 15% (minimum of 3000 euros) share of the project’s profit as a commission to cover Blue Bricks’ company costs.

These include travel costs to go to Valencia and find new project deals, accounting and our website.

We also use the money to fund programmes like the promoters commission, which is earned by people who spread the word and bring new investors to Blue Bricks by referral.

The investors investing through a “Prestamo Participativo” , are free of any Bluebricks fee.

How much risk does each investment have?

All the deals are guaranteed by a Real Estate asset without mortgages involved.

In the case, of the “Préstamo Participativo” investors, their investment is guaranteed by all the assets and income of Bluebricks.

What happens if the property is not sold on time?

The company will keep the property on the market for few months more, maybe with a slightly minor price. And if finally is not sold (mainly for market reasons), we are going to rent the property on market basis.

This actions will be taken on consensus agreement, in case, that any of the investors don’t agree with the taken action, My Blue bricks, is going to try to find a buyer for the share of the investor (just for the principal).

What is a “Cuenta de Participación” opportunity?

“Cuenta de Participacion” is a type of contract that allows you to invest in our opportunities and obtain the total ROI of the investment. If the deal is successful, that type of contract returns the exact percentage generated by the project after the sale.

If the property is not sold on time or the market goes down, you must assume the loss of capital. If we had to rent the property, you would get part of the rent, according to the percentage of the total capital that you would have invested.

We could say that on the kind of contract, you become the business partner of Bluebricks, with all inherent rights and duties.

Example: Our next opportunity is a flat where we should invest 100.000 euros in total. If you invest 10.000 euros, you will own 10% of the operation.

If the operation is successful and generates 20.000 euros of total profit (after 15% Bluebricks fee), your profit will be 2000 euros.

What is a “Préstamo Participativo” opportunity?

“Prestamo Participativo” is a type of contract that allows you to invest in our opportunities and obtain a fix percentage of interest. The length and interests of the contract are determined by an agreement between Bluebricks and the investor.

The agreement is guaranteed by a determined project or different projects (one or more properties that are being renovated and sold after the renovation).

The average interest paid is 5% for 8 months and 12% for 16 months. If the property is sold before the end of the agreement, we will refund you the principal, plus the interest negotiated.

Example:Our next opportunity is a flat where we should invest 100.000 euros in total. If you invest 10.000 euros through our “Préstamo Participativo” for 8 months at a 5% interest, you will earn 500 euros.

We will refund you in total 10.500 euros. If we sell the flat before 8 months, you will get your capital and the interests at the moment of the sale.

Once I have invested, how can I know the progress of the project?

We send you periodical newsletters explaining the evolution of every deal that you’re invested.

In some occasions, we organize trips to visit the properties invested.

How are you realizing the renovation projects?

We have different trusted collaborators in every town we operate: architects, contractors and suppliers. Depending on the size of the project we use the most convenient partners.

Our average renovation costs are between 20.000 to 25.000 euros per living unit. Sometimes this amount increases or decreases depending on size, quality of the materials and complexity of the renovation.

Partner Questions

How can I earn the promoters commission?

MyBlueBricks is all about sharing, the power of many and achieving together. You earn 1 Blue Bricks Token worth 1% (minimum €100) of your referrals investment amount for each new investor who invests €6.000 or more.

You will receive this token as a top-up of your investment in the following successful MyBlueBricks project you participate in.

Example: If you promote MyBlueBricks among your friends and one of them invests €6.000 for the first time, you earn €100 from MyBlueBricks on top of the first following successful project that you invest in.

Since your investment will be bigger, your absolute ROI increases as well. If the new investor contributes €65.000, your Blue Bricks Token will be worth €650.

Good deal for talking to your friends, right?

really like Real Estate, how I could become more involved?

We have a couple of partners that proposed us ideas/projects to be developed in parallel with Bluebricks.

Bluebricks has a startup mindset, please, bring your idea, maybe we have the tools to make it real.

JOIN THE COMMUNITY Start your journey in Real Estate with My Blue Bricks. After signing up, we’d love to learn about your investment goals & preferences. We’ll also send you updates about upcoming projects and the My Blue Bricks Community.

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