Property Management Services

For Investors

  • Investment secured by rental income
  • Principal refund after two years
  • Monthly benefit payments with up to 10% yearly return.

You invest in projects backed by rental apartments with 4-5 separately rented rooms in high-demand areas. We create high-quality living experiences with services for selected tenants.

For Owners

  • Guaranteed rental income every month, no matter what
  • Trouble-free end-to-end management of your apartment
  • No extra fees, commissions or work for you

You enjoy the benefits of guaranteed rental income as a service, every month, no matter what. We take care of managing your apartment, contracts, tenants, finances, supplies and furniture.

MEET OUR TEAM Together we manage your rental properties end-to-end applying the concept of Coliving.

Christoph Rosenthal Design Thinking

erwin groendjick

Erwin Groenendijk Relations

adria creixell

Adrià Creixell Tarrés Project Management

GET IN TOUCH If you want to learn more about our property management services, we're happy to get in touch with you. We're focused on high quality clients and provide cleaning service and maintenance to ensure preserving and operating your properties at the highest level of satisfaction.

Discover our Co-living concept



We understand where you are coming from since we are in the same situation as you are and pursue the same objectives.


Creative approaches and trust are at the heart of the Blue Bricks approach. Extraordinary results require grit and great ideas.


Good contacts and knowing every brick of an area in cities like Barcelona or Valencia makes finding quality investments possible.


Together we can achieve more than the sum of what each of us could individually. Community means stronger finances and knowledge.

My Blue Bricks Coliving

We manage over 20 flats in Barcelona and Valencia with our Property Management Services

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