Real estate can be for anybody Put your assets to work with our real estate course and community investments


I want to put my money to work

I want to explore how to invest in Real Estate and put my money to work while learning from the community.


I want to rent out my flat with ease

I am the owner of a flat and want to get more out of my property with end-to-end Coliving management services.


I need a room / I am a current tenant

I am looking for a pleasant living experience in a premium room with added services in the city center

Check Out Our New Real Estate Courses

Check Out Our New Real Estate Courses

Online Academy to Kickstart your Financial Independence Journey

Our real estate investing courses will kickstart your financial independence journey and provide info you need to invest in Spain/Barcelona.

Our Story

Paving our path one brick at a time

It all started with a goal of 3 normal guys who were stuck in their corporate day job and wanted to take back control of their time – engineering your lifestyle and being able to make independent choices. What we now do with our community of trusted peers is leveraging real estate to achieve financial freedom. Transparently sharing knowledge, learning and growing together is central to us because we believe in the power of many. The journey has just started – become part of it and be able to share your results with your loved ones.


MEET OUR TEAM Together we make real estate projects happen for you and together with you in Spain.

Christoph Rosenthal Design Thinking

Erwin Groenendijk Relations

Adrià Creixell Tarrés Project Management

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