Jasper Muskens – Investor

Mutual interest with Erwin and Christoph in real estate investing. I really like to constructively help blue bricks with feedback.

Jasper Muskens

What brought you to Blue Bricks?

Mutual interest with Erwin and Christoph in real estate investing. Since the beginning talking a lot about possible options and after a first project together in Barcelona (which had to be cancelled due to political reasons) we stayed closely in contact about real estate investing. I really like to constructively help Blue Bricks with feedback both for you guys as owners and for investors from the investors’ side. Let’s make this community grow! 😀

How would you describe working together with Blue Bricks?

Blue Bricks is the older brother you never had, who can take you by your hand to make your first steps in the world of real estate investing.

What are the points that you like working together with Blue Bricks on your project?

Friendly very open approach, nobody has to join so take your time in weighing the pros and cons, the feeling of investing with a group together and sharing successes and challenges together.

A note on inclusion at Blue Bricks

For me personally: I can do my own calculations and research besides the ones you do and at least the last times I felt that this was helping the project. As one of the first ones who fully committed to this way of working and having put all my savings in your hands it is nice that I can think along and notice that you actively use this feedback.

Which points can we improve?

A couple of times I liked the “we win together, we lose together” concept better.  But I believe this is already a point of discussion now.

An update every 2 or 3 weeks with a couple of pictures of how it is changing would be nice to get people more involved and excited with the project instead of just putting your money on the table (you also make it more tangible and therefore less scary).

Keep it small, the charm and reason why people join is that trusted touch. Watch out for growing too fast, slow and steady growth is in most of the times better than wanting to make big steps (losing focus & core principles).

Final words

Proud of what you’re doing and proud to be part of it and having the possibility to contribute 🙂

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