MyBluebricks celebrating 1st deal!

Meet My Blue Bricks: the community that believes in creating financial independency through real estate.

– Community of over 100 individuals 👥 – Representing Spain, Germany, Holland, Israel, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Greece, France, Romania, Algeria 🇪🇸🇩🇪🇳🇱
– Project range between 4-6 months with a ROI up to 15%+ ⚖️
– 5 active Real Estate crowdfunding projects 🏚🏗
– Focused (for now) on Barcelona and Valencia 🏡

Photo: celebrating our latest Valencia project with Jasper.

Our goal: realizing 1 project a month – 12 projects in 2018. Do you think we can do that? Follow us and become part of our progress at: www.mybluebricks.com.

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