Property Management

For Investors

  • Investment secured by rental income
  • Principal refund after 2-5 years
  • Monthly benefit payments with up to 10% yearly return.

You invest in projects backed by rental apartments with 4-5 separately rented rooms in high-demand areas. We create high-quality living experiences with services for selected tenants.

For Owners

  • Guaranteed rental income every month, no matter what
  • Trouble-free end-to-end management of your apartment
  • No extra fees, commissions or work for you

You enjoy the benefits of guaranteed rental income as a service, every month, no matter what. We take care of managing your apartment, contracts, tenants, finances, supplies and furniture.

Our Managed Apartments

C/ Villarroel, Barcelona

Located in the upper part of Eixample in Barcelona, close to the Francesc Macia square, the Villarroel apartment is providing a brightly-lit, open living space with services, restaurants and a pleasant neighborhood in its surroundings. In between the left and middle part of Eixample, at the intersection of Villarroel and Londres, this completely renovated apartment has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The Villarroel street has only one lane for traffic, which makes it pleasant to walk through with green trees on both sides. When entering the apartment, the first two rooms are the semi-double and the individual one. Walking further ahead, passing the first bathroom, the open kitchen appears with an inner patio that can be reached via the kitchen door. Moving through the back of the apartment, the open terrace is flooded by natural light coming through some thinly leaved trees. In between the interior and exterior double bedrooms, the second bathroom can be found. The whole apartment is fully furnished with new furniture, partly selected by the first tenants who moved in to accommodate for their individual taste. Our intention is to take great care in making sure this apartment can be maintained for many years in its current modern state and that the tenants enjoy a hassle-free living experience in the heart of Eixample.

We create pleasant living spaces

Property Management 3
C/ Diputació, Barcelona

Our apartment is located on the left side of Eixample on Diputació. The fifth floor building situated at the corner of Diputació and Comte Borrell is within walking distance of multiple parks such as Jardins d’Emma de Barcelona. The Diputació and Villarroel apartments are much alike in terms of the overall distribution – a characteristic in which you start to recognize the building style of this whole district. It has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Stepping inside the apartment, the living room is on the left side and the first two rooms on the right side. Moving right, first the semi-double, then the first bathroom, and then the double interior room can be seen. Turning left upon entering, moving through the hallway with a glazed wall on one side, the kitchen appears. Walking further, seeing the open terrace in the back of the apartment, the other two rooms provide a pleasant living space for the tenants. In between the double exterior and the individual room, there is the second bathroom. The entire apartment is fully furnished with new furniture, which the current tenants are enjoying as first-time users. The mix of carefully selected people living in the apartment is a high-quality living experience for everyone in this beautifully renovated apartment.

We create pleasant living spaces

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