Open the door to the world of real estate investing

A life-changing 5 week journey in which you will be taking the first steps in creating your own financial freedom.

´We managed to be financially free through real estate within 4 years, and now it is our goal to pass on the formula and mentor you to do the same.´

Do you want to become successful in real estate during covid times?

In our online real estate course, we will teach you all our tips and tricks so you can make use of the opportunities that arise in crisis times.

This course is for you if:

Course overview

A 5-week commitment that will have an impact on the rest of your whole life.

Course: One step away from becoming a successful real estate investor

The results of the course are based on how much effort you are putting in. We will be providing you with a framework for buying two new properties in the first 3 months after the course. There is just one step to take and that should come with your full commitment.

´The course is for everyone interested in real estate because it will push you to take action on your own and having the right mindset´

Florian Goette, division director

Key modules

Course length

Calculate with at least 1 week per module (5 weeks in total) to take in all the knowledge and put the specific topics into practice. That week gives space to be reading the books that we are advising at the end of each module, and attending the additional masterclasses or mentoring sessions for the ones doing the highest impact course.

Course participant testimonials

Have a look below at what the other course participants are saying about the course. 

´The course allowed me to think outside of the box that you are supposed to think in. I now have the knowledge to start my own company or continue investing in real estate myself.´

Basil, real estate agent

Choose the best option for you

There are two options for the course – either the ‘get started’ or the ‘highest impact’ option. In the highest impact option all additional elements are included.

Get started

Get started into real estate
One time fee
  • Course modules: 5
  • Unlimited time per module
  • Online support
  • Personalized feedback
  • Telegram community group access
  • Online masterclass
  • Online Q&A session
  • 1-on-1 mentor sessions
  • Individual success plan
  • Graduation certificate

Highest impact

Mentored to success
One time fee
  • Course modules: 5
  • Unlimited time per module
  • Online support
  • Personalized feedback
  • Telegram community group access
  • Online masterclass
  • Online Q&A session
  • 3 hours of 1-on-1 mentor sessions
  • Individual success plan
  • Graduation certificate

The set up of the course explained in steps

In the below photos, the course set-up is explained with photos so you can get an idea of what you can expect.

1. Course can be followed from everywhere
2. Exercises per module
3. Option for personal mentoring
4. Custom individual success plans

1. Sitting at home or at the beach, the course topics can be followed digitally. Each module comes with several video lessons, case studies, calculations, and formulas. 

2. At the end of each module an exercise is created to put the learnings into practice and to push you to get out of your comfort zone in a motivating way. 

3. Course attendees that are choosing the ‘highest impact’ course will have exclusive master classes, 1-on-1 sessions and become part of our real estate community Telegram group.

4. In the 1-on-1 sessions, an individual success plan will be created in which the mentors will share all their knowledge and professional contacts to set you up for success.  

Your course mentors

The founders of the My Blue Bricks company, after having completed multiple real estate investment projects in apartments, buildings, garages and offices transformed into residential units, and more, will make it their commitment to guide you along the path of making real estate projects happen.

Adrià Creixell, cofounder

Christoph Rosenthal, cofounder

Erwin Groenendijk, cofounder

´The hard part of pushing yourself mentally to be searching for another way out is already done. Let us show you that real estate can work for everyone if you follow our strategies.'

Erwin Groenendijk

8 reasons why real estate leads to financial freedom

These reasons represent the core beliefs why we started to become – and will always remain – active in the business of real estate.

What to expect as a course participant

terrassa trip 1

'Real' real estate investors teaching you how to do it

We are developing real estate investing courses for financial independence based on personal experience. These last years were really intensive, our community grew beyond expected, we created two real estate businesses, many operations per year, and we met many interesting people. In these courses, we concentrate all these experiences: all victories, all failures, and all the know-how accumulated. Now, you will begin your own journey. 

Created by and for people like you

Just 3 normal guys that started investing together

Just like you, a little bit lost at the beginning, lacking legal knowledge (or other Real Estate knowledge), lacking access to capital, with few notions about renovation works. But we started trying, and while trying we learned. And we learned that acting as a team makes us strong and that acting as a community makes us even stronger. This is also the foundation for our real estate investing courses, all designed to create financial freedom.


Below you can find some frequently asked questions regarding the course. If you have a question that is not in there, feel free to send us an email at courses@mybluebricks.com.

It consists of interactive videos that contain all the information of the course as well as PDF documents for the assignments that help you internalize the content and actually get started with applying the content in your real estate investment journey. The text and videos include practical explanations to apply the theory.

It offers you great freedom to organize yourself as you want. You can learn from home and at your own pace, or wherever you feel most comfortable. There is no start or end date, and you can do it with any device that has internet access.

The participants who are doing the Highest Impact course will receive an invitation to our real estate investor’s community group in Telegram after finishing the course. Here you can connect with the current and previous course participants, discuss the latest real estate trends, propose a real estate investment project, and perhaps meeting important members of your future real estate team. This is an exclusive group in which the content from the course is best put to practice.

Insight tip: this is how we started with My Blue Bricks as well.

This completely depends on you and how you organize yourself. We recommend doing the modules in the order as the course unfolds and applying the concepts in real life as much as possible. This way, you can get the full benefit of doing everything step by step. If you do it this way, you can have your first two real estate projects in 3 months after finishing the course and you can be sure that you’re set up for success.

Yes. Included in the Highest Impact course you will have 3 1-hour individual mentoring or consulting sessions with the My Blue Bricks team. After starting the course, the team will reach out to plan these sessions throughout the course, or after finishing. In these sessions, we will analyze your specific situation in depth, share our trusted contacts, and give you personal advice in the form of a personal success plan. Think about helping you with buying a specific property, how to deal with contractors, analyzing contracts, how to set up a flip project, which taxes and regulations are applying, and many more. Because every situation is on a case by case basis, write us an email to courses@mybluebricks.com so we can see how to help you and how we can structure the individual sessions the best.

Note: individual consulting sessions without taking the course are also possible. Send us an email to info@mybluebricks.com to explain your situation so we can make a specific consulting plan.

Via debit/credit card or PayPal on the online learning platform called Hotmart. Hotmart is the platform used to follow the course.

For the ‘highest impact’ course, there will be a master class given by the core members of the My Blue Bricks team as an online group session. The master class will provide you with even more information to create a successful real estate project and achieve more results. You will have the possibility to create mastermind groups and link with accountability partners from the course for regular check-ups on how things are going and to keep each other accountable for doing the coursework. Together, it’s more fun and you’ll get the chance to perhaps meet a future partner for an investment deal.

Comments, ideas, or suggestions?​

Tell us a bit more about yourself, and one of the team members will contact you.

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