Our coliving business rebranded into Enter Coliving

A brand with other characteristics and colors for a different end customer: colivers. International working expats, students, interns, remote workers, and digital nomads renting rooms with all conveniences and community events included.  

Visit the Enter Coliving website

Have a look at the complete website and discover how we are presenting ourselves towards our coliving tenants. 

Link to the website

A sneak preview of our coliving rooms

Have a look at how our coliving portfolio looks like. Apartments or complete building managed through the whole city of Barcelona.

Becoming Barcelona’s main coliving player in 2 years

Since April 2019, we have been growing steadily. At the start of the pandemic we managed 63 rooms, and now, one year later, we grew our portfolio to almost 250 rooms. The business model of coliving proved itself even in the market most challenging times.

Fundraising needs

The below graph explains how much funds are needed to be growing as planned.

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Offering exclusive benefits with local collaborations

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