Josep Tarradellas, Barcelona

Finished & Sold Barcelona beauty in Sants

Project Overview

Situated on the green and reasonably quiet, two-sided Av. de Josep Tarradellas street that goes up to Avinguda Diagonal in the Les Corts neighborhood. Located in the Sants neighborhood, the apartment is at four minutes walking distance to one of Barcelona’s biggest stations that gets its name from the surrounding neighborhood: ‘Estacio de Sants’. Right next to the apartment building, not even 1 minute of walking distance, there is the ‘Sants Estacio’ metro stop, connected to the Green and Blue metro lines. Plaza Catalunya is at ten minutes walking distance.
The Sants Neighborhood was once a stand-alone town completely separate from Barcelona.


Our team completely rehabilitated this 115 m2, three bedroom, two bathroom Interior apartment with a new kitchen remodel, bathroom remodels and interior finishes throughout. The big windows in the main living area are lightning up the apartment the whole day around, making it very pleasant to live in. This apartment is perfect for a family and/or commuters that are working outside Barcelona and using public transportation. Also students are targeted, with the Politecnica University at 25 minutes distance.

  • Creating a spacious two person bedroom
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Bathroom remodels (2) with Tile Finishes and Fixtures
  • New interior doors
  • New flooring throughout the apartment
  • New interior paint throughout the apartment
  • New windows
  • Renewing the electricity system throughout the apartment

Project Schedule

Rehab: 2 months
Listing Period: 2 months (partly overlapping)
Total project length: 100 days

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