Mallorquins, Valencia

Financed & In Progress Next to Mercat Central in Valencia

Project Overview

Did you ever have the chance to walk through and experience the charm of the old city center of Valencia? The smaller streets with colorful buildings, the typical Valencian orange trees and the pleasant bars all over are characterizing La Ciutat Vella (the old city). Now we have the unique opportunity to be part of this historical part of the city center with this building project at calle Mallorquins 4.

  • Off-market deal that was not listed online
  • Buying an entire building affords cheaper per flat buying prices
  • Compounding effect on your investment possible by participating in each stage of the project

The building is well-connected, situated literally next to the ‘Mercat Central’ and public transport that easily bring you to anywhere in the city. To the North La Saidia, to the East El Pla del Real, South-East Eixample and Russafa, and to the South-East Extramurs. This is where all the popular districts of the city are linked with each other. Ciutat Vella is divided into the following smaller pieces: La Seu, La Xerea, El Carmen, El Pilar, El Mercat, and Sant Francesc, consisting of 25.877 inhabitants (as of 2008). For people who enjoy a walk, run or just green quality time there is the beautiful Green River Park that runs all the way through Valenciaat 5 minutes walking.

The surface of the building is spread out over five floors: The ground floor that formerly was a shop at 100m2, the first and second floor of 100m2, the Atico (rooftop) floor at 55m2 and the Sobre Atico (above rooftop) at 30m2. This adding up to a total of 379m2. We’re collaborating with another investor who is buying the first floor of 100m2, which is making our MyBlueBricks project add up to 279m2. The plan is to completely renovate the building’s apartments and the common entrance. The ground, first, and second floor apartments of around 100m2’s will be renovated and split into apartments of 50m2 organized in waves. Beginning from the ground up, the first wave will consist of the ground floor, and from there moving our way up to the rooftop apartments. Right at the beginning, a lift will be added to easily access all the floors. Our intention is to bring the old building characteristics alive with a modern touch and turning it into the perfect place where people would like to live for the next upcoming 100 years as well.
The apartment is situated close to the Mercat Central, a top location in Valencia. Valencia’s current market situation is that the demand is higher than the availability of apartments (especially for quality renovated apartments in the city center). This trend is likely to continue as we move towards the upcoming year. The outlook for 2018/2019 is a positive upward trend in terms of economic growth, tourism and housing prices in general for the city of Valencia.


Evolution of the Spanish housing prices: Valencia vs. Barcelona

Evolution of the Spanish housing prices: Spain vs. Barcelona

Evolution of the Spanish housing prices

Evolution of average time to sell a property: Barcelona vs. Valencia

Interannual variation of house prices in Valencia

Architectural Plans

primera planta mallorquins
plan mallorquins def 2

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