Run, Sol, Run!

Run, Sol, Run!

An insider’s view to finding the perfect investment apartment in Valencia 


6:00 am:

Waking up, still dark outside, taking a shower, and thinking which shoes are the best to walk at list 10 hours today. Get dressed, and pray for a coffee shop open to get some bust. Mental note: train cafeteria sucks (!).

7:00 am:

Hurry up, my train is about to leave. Running across Sants train station to find the ticket validation machine.

7:05 am:

On my way to Valencia. I have a good 3 hours and 10 minutes to relax, although, I better check all my appointments for today, and how to move from one to another. Funny thing, kids movie starts playing on the train screens, and even though there are absolutely no kids around, everyone is watching “Finding Nemo”.

10:10 am:

I am arriving to Joaquin Sorolla station in Valencia and need to run to McDonalds and get a coffee before catching the bus to go to “Estacion Norte,” so I can catch another bus to go to my first meeting.

11:00 am (First appointment):

I like the place, it has more than 100 square meters, very sunny and well distributed. The neighbourhood is also good and has many possibilities for transformation. The price is too high – we need to lower it 6k at least.

Before being done, already thinking how to find the best way to move to my next appointment.

12:00 am (Second appointment):

The flat needs an entire transformation. I think it could be a good deal, but I am not too confident about the area. I think I can find something better, although still a good option to validate.

Taking the metro, Valencian metro is SO confusing! All the lines go together.

1:00 pm (Third appointment):

It’s starting to get hot and windy, and I’m starting to run to get on time for my next appointment.

I like this building, the price is very good for the location and the characteristics of the flat. I definitely think this one could work, but still the owner will need to agree to our terms.

1:30 pm:

Eating as fast as I can. Damn, they don’t take credit! Running to get money, coming back to pay and again running the opposite way to catch the bus.

2:00 pm (Fourth appointment):

I arrive to the next flat, this place is huge. I think it has more than 130 square meters, 5 rooms, price not to crazy, but sadly not what we are looking for.

3:00 pm (Fifth appointment):

The agent is a very nice person, and is showing me 3 flats in the same building. They could be a good option, but they need to lower the prices for a big part, especially for the location.

4:30 pm (Sixth appointment):

Having 15 minutes to charge my phone and rest a little in a funny Chinese coffee place called “Can Paco.” My mind is racing from all the experiences today, and I find myself wondering if that is the name of this Chinese guy…

My agent just arrived. My feet and knees start to hurt a little, then my back, wishing I could stay little longer with my Chinese guy.

6:00 pm (Seventh appointment):

The place was horrible and not even worthy to mention. What a big waste of time..

Ok, now I am really tired, and I have one more place to go and my feet seem like they’re taking their own decisions.

7:00 pm (Eighth appointment):

I already saw this flat. Also before I got to the place, I saw the agent yelling at her phone. This goes on for over 3 or 4 minutes, so basically I am kind of glad not to go with her.

7:20 pm Calling it a day:

My train leaves at 8:30 pm, so I better start hitting the station. Almost running out of battery, and I am trying to do my best to not get lost and save some energy until I get there.

8:00 pm:

Arriving at the station, I immediately go to McDonalds (by now my loyal Valencian friend) and wait for my train that leaves at 8:30 pm. After having a bite I go to check the panel. I am so tired that I just don’t understand why my train in not listed… After a few seconds, trying to comprehend the situation, I go to the office and the assistant says that my train leaves from a different station in 10 minutes. In 10 minutes?!? I am asking. It is getting even worse, because the lady is telling that it is the last train – which means that if I lose it, I will have to stay one night in Valencia. No toothbrush, no pyjamas, no night cream, nothing! Hell no….!

So, I start running as fast as I can, and I start feeling the hamburger literally going up and down moving 360 degrees in my stomach. But.. I can’t stop, this is my only chance. After 8 minutes running non stop, I finally get to my train breathless.

Tired as hell, but happy to go home safe to Barcelona.


0:30 am:

Finally, I am home :).

I can recall at least three good flats to work with. Tomorrow I will follow up on them and try to close the deal until next Monday.

By Sol André Machicao

My Blue Bricks Business Developer

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