Avinguda de Catalunya, Rubí, Barcelona

Project Overview

Coming back to our home town Barcelona

The Project

With this project, we are coming back to our home grounds close to Barcelona. In the last several months, we have been exploring Valencia and doing a fair amount of projects. This time, we are using our investor contacts that gave us a tip about this project in Rubi, just outside of Barcelona. It is a huge apartment in which the previous owners made one big apartment out of two existing apartments next to each other, in which they are still registered as two separate units. The apartment has 170 square meters, 7 rooms, two bathrooms, and balconies 360 degrees at each and every side of the apartment providing a lot of natural light coming in. There are elevators and the building has a nice view of a nearby green park.


Rubi, having a population of almost 75.000 inhabitants, lays 15 kilometers north from Barcelona in the famous Valles (in English: valleys). Surrounding Rubi, to the north there is Terrassa and Ullastrell, and to the south Sant Cugat. A lot of people from the big city Barcelona are choosing to live in one of the surrounding cities (based on multiple considerations such as a part of the family living there already and/or housing prices), to escape the busyness and high real estate prices. Rubi, amongst the other cities, is characterized as where the average Catalan would be living. In comparison to Sant Cugat, for example, Rubi appears less fancy and has decent house prices for the general income the people from that area are receiving. In past years, Rubi developed itself as a worker’s town with multiple industrial companies settling in and around the city caused by the connectivity to Barcelona. More recently, most of these companies have been moved to China or had to stop. Also, students are choosing to live in Rubi, as the train to Barcelona takes only 15 minutes and stops close to several universities. The building is located literally right next to the train station of Rubi, and with 5 minutes of walking a bit further is the city center.


Project Outlook

The interesting part of this project is that the apartment is appearing like one big space, but if you look closely you can see where the original two apartments were located. One idea could be to go back to its original structure, creating two equal sized apartments of 85 square meters each. Why choosing this strategy? Like earlier mentioned, the complete apartment is still registered as two separate apartments, so it will be only physically splitting the place and giving it our usual My Blue Bricks renovation touch. There is no license work needed in order to realize this, which normally takes 1 or 2 months. Another way is keeping the place as it is and renting it to students, providing a monthly cashflow.

The plan is to moderately refurbish and renovate the apartment with a new (open) kitchen, interior paint and wall finishes, new flooring and some interior changes to prepare it for being the beginning of a new chapter in a family’s, student’s or couple’s life.


Why this Investment is Safe and Promising?

The project is well situated and the quality of these specific apartments is above average in comparison to the surrounding area in the city of Rubi. The complete apartment used to be two separate apartments, in which either we are splitting them again (flipping the project) or keeping it in the original state (renting out). In both ways, the go-to plan is straightforward and will be relatively quick.

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Scope of Work
  • Partial renovation of the apartment
  • Two complete new kitchens
  • Separating the apartments (now, both apartments are together)
  • New flooring throughout the apartment
  • New interior paint throughout the apartment
  • Changing the lounge in order to be bigger and overlooking the outside view.


Project Schedule
Rehab: 1,5-3 months
Listing Period: 2-3 months (partly overlapping)
Expected Total Project Period: 6-8 months


We are evaluating the best investment option for this project at the moment.

Investment Results Prediction: Buying-Renovating-Selling 
Purchasing price: €195.000
Rehab + costs: €19.000
Total investment: €214.000
ROI after project completion € X% of overall profit depending on investment
Investment Results Prediction: Buying-Renovating-Renting out 
Purchasing price: €195.000
Rehab + costs: €25.000
Total investment: €220.000
Guaranteed 7% ROI per month for 3-5 years € monthly X depending on investment


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Project Details

  • Categories:Fix & Flip or Buy to hold
  • Surface Area:170m2
  • Completed:July 2019
  • Cost:214.000

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