Explore the world of real estate investing via our course, book, events, and investment projects. Whether you are starting out or already a seasoned investor, this is the place to be. 

Our DNA, our culture, our goals, our determination. All wrapped together in this video.

Paving our path one brick at a time​

It all started with a goal of 3 normal guys who were stuck in their corporate day job and wanted to take back control of their time. What we now do with our community of investors is leveraging real estate to achieve financial freedom. Being able to live life on your own terms. The journey has just started – become part of the movement.

Course: one step away from becoming a successful real estate investor

Do you see yourself retiring within 5-10 years using real estate? We will share all our experiences, tips, and tricks so you can do the same too. Creative strategies, spending life where & how you want through financial freedom, fundraising, sharing our investment project proposal template, and more.

You will become part of our real estate community where other course participants have been finding business partners. private investors, and off-market deals.

This course is for you if:

Take part in our real estate projects

Want to put your money to work without having to do anything for it, this is the solution. After purchasing one of our pre-vetted properties, we will guide you during the whole project from the sideline. Think about renovation plans, choosing furniture colours, selling strategies, homestaging, you name it.

You become the owner, we the project managers. In collaboration, we will work closely towards a flip or buy-to-let rental property (traditional, room, or tourist rental). 

Reading is the best way of learning ​

Books have had a major impact on our lives and the corona confinement gave us time to reflect and put our words onto paper. The goal is to pass on the inspiration to others of becoming active in real estate in a light, practical way. The book ´Investing in the Spanish sun´ is for anyone wanting to take the future of their life in their own hands, mentally breaking the status-quo, and building a real estate portfolio.   

Follow our real estate talks

Did you already start investing or busy with getting ready for your first deal? We have created easily digestible, short pieces of content so you can learn how to invest in real estate in Spain.

Whether that is when you are making your breakfast in the morning, when you are stuck in traffic in your car, or having your headphones on in public transport, you can now listen to and see us on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple podcasts. 


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Meet our team

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Sara - Project management
Erwin - Cofounder, relations
Adrià - Cofounder, operations

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