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The Real Estate Journey with My Blue Bricks looks like this

Together with our Partners

Validated and analysed by experienced professionals, our projects are screened and planned for success and profitability.

Together with you

You pick a project you like and invest together with our community. All investors are equal and we proceed with full transparency.

Together with all of us

After we’ve completed the project, you get your ROI. And then? Reinvest to continue your journey.

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What we offer

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Advice for your real estate projects,  plans and dreams.

Fix & Flip

Invest in real estate to renovate and resell.  

Buy & Hold

Invest in real estate to rent and create cash flow while building up capital.

Property Management

We manage your real estate and guarantee your income from the monthly rent.

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We are you

We understand where you are coming from since we are in the same situation as you are and pursue the same objectives. Not only do we speak your language and can be your voice in the Spanish real estate market, but we also understand your concerns, goals and priorities so that we can achieve what you are looking for together.

Creative community of trust

If you do what everyone else does, chances are you won't get extraordinary results. Creative approaches and trust go a long way and are at the heart of the Blue Bricks approach: Be creative - accountable - authentic. Making real estate choices can be tough, especially if you are just starting to get to know Spain or are new to investing. Do something for the first time and you might get lucky once, but with experience, you will get lucky no matter what. My Blue Bricks works together with experienced real estate professionals with 20+ years of experience in the business. With a proven track record of smart, successful investments, the extended team has been making the right choices for a long time and will help you make your right choice as well.

Local Knowledge of the Market

If you know every brick of an area in a city like Barcelona or Valencia, it's easy to figure out the quality of an investment. Sometimes two parallel streets running directly next to each other in the same neighborhood will bring you entirely different results. Within the ocean of red bricks out there, we know where to find the blue bricks that will give a steady, highly profitable return.

The Power of Many

Imagine a situation in which you are competing against 100 other potential investors for a lucrative apartment. What are the odds that you will get a chance at it in a heated market like that? Yes, very low. Those are red, hot bricks that everyone wants to get. Competition not only lowers your chances, but also drives buying prices up. Not a good idea. So if competition is keeping your chances low, go somewhere with very little or no competition. That's where the power of many comes in. If you join forces with other investors, your accumulated capital allows you access to projects outside of the pricing range that the majority of people is looking at. Choose your battle, be smart and throw some Blue Bricks at them. Together, we are strong!

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