Our team

chris rosenthal

Christoph Rosenthal Creative Thinking

Christoph is 28 years old and originally from Germany. He has a background in communications and psychology, has lived and studied in The Netherlands, Argentina, the UK and the US and has been living in Spain for two and a half years.

erwin groendjick

Erwin Groenendijk Relations

Erwin is 27 years old and originally from Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands, a smaller city nearby Leiden in the center of the country. His background is in marketing and sales, as he studied Marketing at the VU university in Amsterdam.

adria creixell

Adrià Creixell Project Management

Adrià is in his 30’s and originally from Sant Cugat del Valles in Spain, a town just outside of Barcelona. His background is in Real Estate and he studied Business at the UAB (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona). Adrià has been working in the Real Estate industry in Barcelona for several years and most recently Valencia, buying, renovating, selling, and renting out apartments.

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